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Purple Skies
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It's time to embrace the storm within . . .

Book III
The Thousand Year War Series


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Book III - The Thousand Year War Series

Dark Fantasy - Reluctant Romance

I must learn to embrace the storm within . . .

Outside, Bastran and Azurin continue to wage a savage war, but the war inside my body is just as brutal. The child I carry has magic that clashes with mine, and the only way I can survive this relentless sickness is to rely on Vaile’s magic to protect me.

The citizens grow restless with Vaile’s absence, yet he refuses to leave my side. Meanwhile, I too am restless. I do not wish to risk my child’s safety, but without my magic, the kingdom is plagued by food shortages.

When the battle arrives on our doorstep and with the entire kingdom edging on rebellion, I must harness the power within me to stand and fight. Not only for my child but also for Vaile and our citizens. If we fail, the future for my daughter and all the women in the kingdom will be too terrifying to imagine . . .


Trigger Warning: This book contains themes of violence, sexual assault, and suicide. It is recommended for mature readers.



"I'm so glad it seems like at least one more book is in the works! Thank you for allowing me to work on this manuscript. I think I need to go drink a cup of calming tea and cry now! It's made me so emotional! Well done, Michelle. You are, as always, so courageous in your pursuit of these imperative and harrowing themes, but you never ever leave the reader hopeless. That's a gift from the gods!"
- M. Krantz

"Getting lost in this world is life giving!!! I read this third book in the series in less then 24 hours!!! I’ve never been a fantasy book reader but I’m completely involved in this series!!!! Every ending leaves me needing more immediately!!! Can not wait for book 4. No really, I can’t wait. I need it now."
- Katie 

"I had so much fun reading this story! Aria’s growth as a character is what stood out to me the
most in this book in the series. Overall, I enjoyed this
story and am anxiously awaiting the next part of Aria’s story!"

- Keeley C.

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