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Tall Mountain and LAke


The Four Part Series of
The Thousand Year War

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Book 1 - The Thousand Year War Series

Dark Fantasy - Reluctant Romance

The Kingdom of Bastran is a worst-case misogynistic patriarchy. Women with magic have no rights and no value except as vessels for breeding more soldiers.  The opposing kingdom of Azurin has turned away from this practice, but ideals are hard to change, even over generations.  It takes conscious effort and isn't just going to go away because one person commands it.

The Thousand Year War series fully explores the mental health issues present in survivors. Sexual assault leaves lifelong scars and the story stays authentic to that from the very beginning. The story is written with the intent of giving insight to those who have no concept of the struggle as well as validation to real survivors in their own journey.          

Trigger Warning: This book contains themes of violence, sexual assault, and suicide. It is recommended for mature readers.



“It was page turning. I can’t wait for the second book.”
- Judy B.

“An engaging story that wraps you in its arms and won’t let go.” - Hima G.

“Spectacular read and perfect introduction to a world filled with magic, suspense, and war. Every page was riveting with vivid descriptions and left the reader yearning for the next chapter. The personal growth of the characters and intriguing plot twists shine through as the book progresses. Highly anticipate subsequent novels from this author and the beautiful yet dangerous world she has created.”
- J. Kilch

“I couldn't put it down because I needed to know what happened at the end. And now I need book 2!  Epic fantasy fans who love complex characters and overcoming hardship will love this book.”
- Jess W.

“What a great book. I didn’t want to put my phone down. Awesome job of developing each character’s different personalities. The underlying story was quite exciting as well. Can’t wait for the sequel!!”
- Kim E.

“The book was such a great read! Definitely a page turner! I also loved how much detail was put into each chapter, I felt as if I was in the book. Can’t wait for the next one to tie up some loose ends!”
- Holly E.

“It had been a while since I’d taken the time to sit down and read a book, but I’m so glad that I started with this one.  Fantastic read! I couldn’t put it down!”
- Tina C.

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