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Surviving death was only the beginning of my battle . . .

Book Two of the Thousand Year War Series


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Book II - The Thousand Year War Series

Dark Fantasy - Reluctant Romance

Surviving death was only the beginning of my battle . . .

Like all Bastran women, I thought my destiny was to become a breeder, forced to help produce an army of soldiers in the war over the Sacred Lands. But now I stand beside King Vaile of Azurin, committed to ending the suffering of women like me.

After our last battle, Vaile placed me as his Second. It’s a political position I do not want, but he insists on keeping me away from the bloodshed at the front. Unfortunately, it also means I must navigate a council that wants nothing more from me than producing an heir neither Vaile nor I want to provide.

As the bond grows between us, I find myself drawn to Vaile in ways I never expected, but the fear instilled by my upbringing still holds me back.

When the Bastran royals devise a sinister plan to destroy our army, our combined magic becomes the key to our survival. But will I find the courage to trust Vaile and become the partner he wants me to be? Our lives may depend on it . . .


Trigger Warning: This book contains themes of violence, sexual assault, and suicide. It is recommended for mature readers.



"Loved loved, loved the books! Very insightful characters, wanted them to get together from the first book. Liked the passion between Vaile and his brothers and fierce loyalty with Aria, had a hard time putting the book down.
- M. Wells

"I read both books during a vacation! I had to know what happened next, so I just kept reading! Anxiously awaiting the third book! The characters are well developed as is the world they live, and the family dynamics are quite fun! Well done!!"
- Brad M.

"The magic is really cool, the plot well defined and the events nicely set out. It's a all round entertaining read and I'm looking forward to the next book."
- Beba A.

The character growth and world building were wonderful, and your unique writing style was so engaging. Even more so than the last time, which means that you are growing as a writer! That’s wonderful to see. I think you have every reason to be proud of this beautiful, intense, and socially relevant novel." 
- M. Krantz

"From the beginning of the story with the action from Aria and Vaile’s training exercise, my attention was completely enraptured."
- Keeley C.

"What an exciting ride! The romantic elements certainly turned out differently than I was expecting, but you showed the characters working through that together, which was a nice touch. Truly enjoyed the story, and can’t wait to see more!"
- Robert E.

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